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Class of 2019 - It's Time For Senior Pictures!

Parents, if you have a class of 2019 rising senior, it's time to start thinking about senior pictures. Here are some tips about senior pictures and some things you may not know as well.

1. You Have A Choice!

While it's true that most schools will make you use the contracted school photographer for the yearbook image, you can use any photographer you'd like for the rest of your senior pictures.

Many parents don't realize that they have a choice because the school tells them that they HAVE to use the School Photographer. This is simply not the complete truth. You do have a choice.

2. Senior Year Is One Of The Most Important Times In Your Life

Parents, for 17 years, you have put everything you have into raising an amazing senior. Senior year is such an important time in their life. It's the culmination of all those years you have spent molding their character, teaching them about life and raising them to be the best they can be.

This is probably the last time you will have the opportunity to have professional portraits done of them. Think about this: the next time they will have professional portraits made is likely when they are walking down the aisle to marry their best friend.

Don’t cut corners on senior portraits by having a friend or relative take some shots in the local park. Don't skimp out on this important time in their life. Choose a professional whose work you love and let them capture these last memories for you.

3. Choose A Photographer That Offers Professional Products From Professional Labs

This generation is the "MOST" photographed generation in history. Yet, this generation is also the generation that will likely have the least amount of printed photographs to show for it.

We live in a time where technology has taken over our lives. Cell phones are now our go to cameras. Selfies are part of our daily routine. We are amazingly trusting of the technology that is at our fingertips, yet sadly, we have steered away from printing our photographs. Twenty years from now, when your high school senior has children of their own, will they have photos to show of this time in their lives? Don't let your memories die. Don't rely on a CD of images that gets thrown in a drawer. Don't rely on your cell phone. Trust a professional that will provide you with printed, keepsake images.

4. Choose A Photographer That Truly Knows How to Bring Out Every Aspect Of Your Personality.

One of the things we hear the most is "You really brought out their personality". Our process begins with conversations with the parent to find about about your senior. We want to know what things they are interested in, what types of things they like to do. We want to know what makes them the person they are. From this we’ll come up with locations for their session to capture their personality.

5. We Don't Limit You

Your senior pictures should be an experience. It should be something fun for your senior - something they look back on and say -- Wow that was amazing! When we do your senior pictures, we don't limit you to a specific number of outfit changes. We don't limit you to a certain number of shots. Our goal is for your senior to have an amazing, fun experience AND for us to capture incredible images at this time in their life.

6. We Have An Amazing Style Closet

Not sure of what to wear? We've got you covered! One of our best kept secrets is our amazing Style Closet that is full of the latest, trendiest outfits, jewelry and accessories that you can borrow for your session. You can bring things from your own closet and use some things from ours too! No need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe just for senior pictures. We've got something for everyone!