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Marietta, GA Teen Brand/Model Reps

It's October and Chuck Williams Photography is looking for fresh new teen faces in Metro Atlanta, Marietta and Roswell for our fall/winter Teen and High School Senior Model/Brand Rep Program.

Teen and Senior Pictures

What is our Model Brand Rep Program

Our Teen and High School Senior Rep Program gives teens the opportunity to have their own unique photo session, where we will show them modeling poses and techniques. They get to be a model for a day and get to do both a studio shoot and an on-location shoot. They have access to our style closet full of the latest and most trendy clothing and accessories. They also get to participate in stylized and themed Group Shoots with other reps during the year. In addition, there are group outings from time to time and other fun activities in which they can participate.

Model/Brand Reps on a group photo shoot

Our senior reps do their individual photo session for their senior pictures. Our teens do their individual photos session in order to have updated pictures during the teen years.

Fun at one of our individual photo sessions

Who are our Model/Brand Reps?

Our reps are average middle and high school girls who want to look and feel like a model. They typically love to be photographed and love having fun.

A few of our Teen Brand/Model Reps

Are there any height and weight requirements?

No. Our models are all very different in heights and weights. We want them to embrace the person that they are and we believe that every girl is uniquely beautiful in their own way. Our job is to make them look and feel confident, amazing, have fun and make new friends along the way.

Teen Model Rep - Hannah Partin

How Do You Select Your Brand/Model Reps?

With their parents permission, all girls must fill out an application on line. Once we receive your application, we review it and will be in touch with a parent about your application. We are looking for all types of girls - some are very involved with school and some have more free time. The girls are the faces behind our brand, so we are definitely looking for girls who maintain a positive social media presence.

A few of our Teen Model Reps during a Safari Group Shoot

How Much Time Does It Take To Be A Model Rep?

It can be as involved as you want it to be. The main time commitment is one full afternoon when we will do your individual session. Then, after that, it's up to you as to how often you participate in group activities and group photo shoots. Some girls have more free time and do more photo shoots and others who are super busy, may sign up for fewer shoots. We have at least one photo shoot or get together each month, sometimes more. You are free to choose what to participate in, according to your availability.

Does It Cost To Be a Model Rep?

At the present time, we do not charge a program fee to become a Brand/Model Rep. The only cost you have is the cost of your individual photo session and whatever prints or products you choose from your shoot.

We are currently working on a new program that will be introduced in 2018 which will involve an initial fee to join our program. So sign up now, before the new year.

Teen Brand/Model Rep Nikki from her individual photo session

What About Group Shoots? Are They Expensive?

No! At the present time, our group shoots are very inexpensive. We charge anywhere form $25 -$50 to participate in a group shoot.

Group Photo shoot in Atlanta with donuts on a windy day

Can We Refer Our Friends?

Yes! In fact, we have a very lucrative referral program for our Model/Brand Reps. We will actually pay you for referring your friends!

What Age Do I Have To Be to Be A Model/Brand Rep?

We accept kids and teens of all ages, from preschool to High School, and we will pay them for referring their friends. To participate in group photo shoots, you must at least be in the 9th grade.

Liz, one of our senior model reps

How Do I Sign Up?

First, you must have permission from your parents, so if you are interested in being a rep, show them this information first. Then, fill out our on line application. Once we receive your application, we will review it and will be in contact with you if we have room in your age group for additional model/reps.

We will contact your parents about your application, so be sure that your parents are aware that you have applied and that they are interested in having you be a Model Rep.

Once you have their permission, you can visit our Model/Brand Rep Page below, and can apply there.

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