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Nathan - Age 2 1/2

It's true what they say, ya know- about how fast time goes with your kids. It starts when you're sleep deprived and adjusting to this new life, wishing for this stage to be over.

"I'm ready for him to sleep through the night. I'm ready for him to stop cluster feeding. I'm ready for him to be able to tell me what's wrong."

And just like that, you blink your eyes and your newborn baby is now crawling, then walking, then talking.

The things that were once big things become the little things as you forget the funny way he said "I luh you", you forget the tattoos that he refused to wash off, and you can't remember which book he made you read again and again every night for a month.

Life gets busy and we forget to take a moment to sit back and enjoy the moment.

Snuggle a little longer, read one more story, take more pictures and videos, and find a way to remember the small stuff.

Katherine, Nathan's mom said "I will forever cherish these pictures of Nathan. I had on no makeup, there were no fake poses, no frustration at a toddler who won't sit still for one second to say cheese. But just the real life us. Messy room, favorite toys, and a little boy with a big imagination."

Thank you Chuck Williams Photography ! This kids real life session is going to help me remember when memories start to fade."

Kids "Real Life" photography sessions at Chuck Williams Photography - Coming In September.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, you can apply to be a Real Life Kids Model and get a

1/2 price Kids Real Life Session

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