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Kicking Off the new year with our Teen Model Reps

The New Year got off to a great start as we hosted a meeting with our high school Senior and Teen Model Reps recently to plan things out for the New Year.

The girls discussed and planned fun group activities and a variety of model rep team outings.

They all worked together to brainstorm ideas of things to do together that would be fun and also discussed community service projects that could be done as a team.

We also spent some time in the studio trying on new outfits and accessories that are a part of our Style Closet.

Aubany Tomsovic, one of our Senior Model Reps is working with each of our Model Reps to collect bios from them that will be used on our website and blog. We are excited about blogging and introducing each member of our model rep team and are anxious to build a new section of our website dedicated to our Model Reps.

Ansley Carr, another one of our Senior Model Reps volunteered to coordinate our next group outing where we will get together at a local pizza restaurant to have dinner and discuss upcoming group outings, activities and group photo shoots.

For more information on becoming a Teen or a Senior Model Rep, click below and apply on line.

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