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Meet Ansley - Class of 2018

Meet Ansley!

Ansley Carr is a current junior at the Walker School, and will be a Class of 2018 Senior. She is one of our newest Senior Model Reps at Chuck Williams Photography.

Ansley says "I love being a senior model rep! My favorite thing about the photoshoots and the extra activities we do is feeling confident and having a ton of fun."

At school, Ansley enjoys organizing activities as secretary of the Student Activities Union, being active in the fellowship of Christian students, and cheering and running track for the Walker wolverines.

As a Senior Model Rep, Ansley helps coordinate activities and outings with other teen model reps. Most recently, she coordinated a Friday night meet-up with the the Model Reps for pizza and to make surprise greeting cards for people who need to know they are being thought of.

Ansley is also a dancer. Dancing at Powerhouse Dance Center is something that she loves and it keeps her very busy. After high school, Ansley is planning on continuing her dance career wherever it takes her.

She attends Macland Presbyterian Church, and has a great time being a part of the youth group. Family and friends are very important to her and she truly tries to spend as much time with them as she can, even though she has a very busy schedule.

Ask Ansley about being a Model Rep at Chuck Williams Photography or click below and apply on line:

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