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The Senior Portrait Experience At Chuck Williams Photography

How do you define beauty? Beauty is more than what you see on the surface. It’s the things you don’t see too. It’s kindness, it’s love, it’s the ability to make others feel good about themselves.

Beauty can be physical but more often, as I am photographing people, it’s apparent that beauty is something I can see in a persons eyes, and in their smile. I can see it by talking and getting to know them.

In reading application after application from high school students this week who are applying to be Class of 2017 Senior Reps for our photography studio, over and over they say that our images are beautiful. They see images we have photographed of their friends and people they know, and they say “Everyone looks so beautiful and I want to be part of that”.

What they don’t realize is that nearly every girl who comes to our studio is nervous at first about having her pictures done. She is hopeful but is worried that her pictures won’t turn out to be beautiful. Did I bring the right outfits? Is my hair ok? Did I wear enough make up? Am I too fat, too thin, too short, too tall….and the list goes on and on. And as women tend to do, we all compare ourselves to the beauty in others that we know and admire.

Our clients will tell me “I don’t know how to stand or pose or even how to sit for that matter”. That’s okay – You’re not supposed to know - That’s why I’m here.

My job, as a high school senior portrait photographer, is to get to know each client that comes to our studio. I want to get to know them as a person – who they are; what they like; things they like to do; what makes them happy; what inspires them; what are their interests and their strengths.

Then, by working with them one-on-one, both prior to their session with clothing and location recommendations and also during their session with showing them the most flattering poses for them, how to stand, where to look - my job is to capture that inner and outer beauty and show them the beautiful person that other people see.

Part of what I do in a photo session is help each girl realize that they are beautiful. Whether they have blue eyes or brown, tan complexions or ivory, whether they are tall or short…they are all beautiful and my goal is to make them feel even more confident as young women, though their senior portrait experience.

At Chuck Williams Photography you are not just a number and you’re not just another girl that walks through the door. You are a completely unique, special individual that has beautiful qualities. My focus is to fully bring out beauty so that each girl sees it for herself. It’s what I look for and what I strive to capture.

The senior experience is why people come to us. You’re only a high school senior once. We truly want you to love your images.

Beverly Williams – Owner and Photographer

Chuck Williams Photography


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Beverly Williams is the co-owner and photographer at Chuck Williams Photography Studio, an award winning and nationally published boutique portrait studio in Metro Atlanta specializing in high school senior portraits.

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