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For The Girls...

Hair and Make Up


It Makes A Huge Difference....

Let's face it, not everyone even wears make up on a given day, so for some, having a professional do their hair and make up isn't something they automatically consider.  

However, from a professional photography standpoint, and from my experience photographing girls under the studio lights, I can tell you 100% that it makes a huge difference in your images to have your make up professionally done.


Professional make up photographs much better under both studio lights and in natural light settings and gives you that finished, vibrant look.  Plus, it's your big day so pamper yourself and come to the studio looking gorgeous, confident and ready for a fabulous shoot.



Professional Recommendations

We have several professional hair and make up artists that we work with and are happy to recommend them to you. They know exactly how to apply make up for photo sessions that will give you the look you desire.  Whether it's a natural look, or something more glamourous, they can create the perfect look for your session that will have you looking your best in your images.


How To Prepare

What should you do before your session to prepare? Avoid the sun! Uneven tan lines or too much sun will not be best for your session.


Small Details

Don't forget hair root touch ups if you have colored hair and remember to check your nails.  Come in with either plain or polished, but avoid chipped nails as your hands will show in your final images.



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