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Scheduling Appointments Now for Class of 2018 Rising Seniors

Class of 2018...

High School Seniors love being a part of our team and their images make amazing senior pictures.

1. High school seniors who are selected to be REPS will be announced on our Instagram and FB pages. 

2. We guarantee that as a REP, we will showcase your images on social media.

3.  HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR REPS also have the opportunity to be featured nationally.

4.  Does it COST to be a rep?  NO - we do not charge extra for being a rep.  You pay for whatever session you'd like and for what pictures you'd like, but we actually pay YOU for referring your friends!  Click the Investment tab at the top for more information on picture costs.

5.  High SCHOOL SENIOR REPS  will have the opportunity to participate in a group stylized shoot with other reps.

6.  We will pay you $25 for each friend you refer to us for senior pictures.  So throughout the year, if you refer 20 friends who come to us for Senior Pictures, we will pay you $500.  There is no limit to how many people you can refer.  There is also no pressure from us for them to refer.  This is totally and completely optional but is a great way for you to earn cash.

7.  We will teach you posing techniques and work with you on clothing choices for your photo session.

8. You will also receive additional product perks for being a rep.

9.  We will supply our reps with references when needed for job and college applications

We have a limited number of slots available for summer.  


CLASS OF 2018...

NOW is the time to schedule your senior portrait session.  

We have been photographing the class of 2018 since January of this year.  We currently have 15 slots left for High School Senior REPS, so apply NOW!

If you are interested in having SENIOR PICTURES made, but are not interested in being a rep, just call the studio and we can set up an appointment for you.


Session Fees - We have a variety of session types for you to choose from and have something to fit every budget.

Call the studio to inquire about a session that best suits your needs.






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